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Of other things I'm fascinated with, it would be costuming of some sort or another. I've actually developed into the sort who would wear a costume just to wear a costume, and frankly, I don't feel I need any particular occasion, let alone a reason beyond "because I want to". =^_^=

All of these costumes tend to have a story behind them, so I'll tell it as best as I can in these pages.

The tiger costume has had three versions - and as a note, the third version was more of a "version 2.1" than anything, for a few different reasons. Thus far, it's the best one we've actually made.

Update, March 7, 2012 - added a repository for costume ideas.

Cobble the Dragonfly
Tiger, first version
Tiger, second version
Tiger, third version
Faire Garb
Other Costumes
Ideas for other costumes

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