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Welcome to the Drako's Den and Playground Communities

Welcome to the Drako's Den and Playground Communities:
A place where furries of all ages have a safe haven to freely express themselves.
We offer many options for that self expression: Art, Photos, Videos, Stories, Poetry, Forums, Chat and RPs.

Drako's Den and Playground was founded by Drako Swiftclaw as a place where all furries can be free to hang out and have a good time.
Since Drako is a babyfur himself, he knows full well how harsh people both from within and without the community can be. Therefore, he wants Drako's Den and Playground to remain a "drama free" zone.
We strive hard to ensure all furries feel as welcome as they can among all the various aspects of the furry fandom.

Essentially, Drako's Den and Playground consists of 2 identical, but seperate, websites:
Drako's Den is our Adult Site, where adult users can share all kinds of content, and chat/RP all kinds of things, including things meant only for adults.
Drako's Playground is our All Ages (SFW) Site, where all content shared and the chat/RPs must always be rated PG-13 or lower. We always encourage our adult users to cross post anything General (PG-13) in rating to both the Den and Playground.

Note: Drako's Den and Playground is maintained for FREE and is on FREE hosting
Please bookmark and use our official domain ( http://drako.funurl.com ) to ensure you can always access Drako's Den and Playground.

As you walk up to the Gate, you notice there are two paths. The path to the left leads up to Drako's Den, and the path to the right leads to our Safe For Work Drako's Playground. A guard at the gate asks you for your ID...

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