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Update, 02Jul2016

It's been about a year since my last update.

The long and short is that I took ill. The longer is that I've had sleep apnea since my mid to late teenage years - it started to manifest at about 18, progressed to snoring, and by the time the ren faire had kicked around, I was starting to fall into a depressive cycle owing to lack of sleep and demands at work. I attribute this year long gap to the depressive cycle, as I really didn't have much energy to do much more than stare at Facebook and play some form of Solitaire on my computer.

That said, the good news is that I started treatment on a CPAP at the beginning of this year, and I've still been playing behind the camera. It's taking some time to fully recover, though, as the CPAP takes some getting used to. Figure this - as of the end of June, I am just now starting to have dreams again - nothing that I recall, but I'm at a point where I can remember having a dream. In a nutshell, things are looking up, and I don't spend my days in "drag-ass" mode anymore.

So that said, this update includes:

  • Faerieworlds 2015
  • Rainfurrest 2015
  • Fall Fantasy Fair 2015 (new event)
  • Mythicworlds 2016
  • Spring Fairy Festival 2016
  • Fairyblossom Festival 2016 (new event)
  • Schedule update, with framework for 2017
  • Starting information on my meadmaking stuff (more to be added)

Pretty much everything there can be found under Fantasy in the appropriate directories, with the exception of Rainfurrest and the Road Trip Files. The mead stuff is under Creative Works.

In the "still to do" department:

  • Coffee IV - hardcopy photos received, gotta scan those photos
  • Mirror of Northarc anime images gallery


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