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Update, 07Feb2021

Yep. We're still in a pandemic. Everything was cancelled last year, so there's nothing new at this point. I'll be honest, I wanted last year as an off year - I just didn't expect it to be enforced for our literal health.

(Of note - I've had a number of friends who have contracted COVID-19, but none of my friends have died of this dreadful disease. All of those friends who have contracted have reassured me that I do not, under any circumstances, want this disease.)

This one has a quick update to the schedule. It's very simple - I'm planning on this one being another off year. If we get clearance to hold events again, I will update at that time. But I'm not expecting anything, and neither should you.

In the "still to do" department:

  • Coffee IV - hardcopy photos received, gotta scan those photos when I can find them
  • CPAP Survival Guide - on hold for now
  • Rebuild and resuscitation of Northarc anime images gallery (the old gallery is gone)

Stay safe out there, and please get the vaccine when you are eligible.


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