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Update, 25Feb2014

Aaaaaand it's been a year!

Since I last updated, I had a job with an outfit, but got laid off from them. As I write this, I am less than a week away from starting a new job in downtown Seattle, and it will be paying me quite handsomely, it seems. I will not complain about that.

The unfortunate side effect of the old job was that I was unable to upload Rainfurrest from 2012 and 2013 (which are now in this update). That's over now, so I was able to focus tonight on both of these, as well as upload the photos from Faeriecon West.

Also updated is the Updates page - where I actually have some content this time, pointing to an email list I'm hosting - so if somebody wants updates from me, they can get them.

In the "still to do" department:

  • Coffee IV - hardcopy photos received
  • Other odd images - mostly gag images here and there
  • Mirror of Northarc anime images gallery


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