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Join the DWS Team

Maybe you feel like the nice guy who wants to help out. Maybe you are the dude willing to volunteer your free time into doing something productive. And maybe, just maybe you have some level of experience working with Website Coding techniques like HTML, CSS, PHP, Python, Java, JavaScript, ect.

If you think you have it in you to become a DWS Team Member, and volunteer your time and experience for creating, editing, and moderating websites for free -- Feel free to fill out the form below.

You never know, perhaps you might land an advertising deal as a DWS Team Member that will give you just that extra little bit of spending cash you need right when you need it.

To join the team, fill out the form below:

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Note: We do this for free, on free servers. So part of the agreement to become a Team Member is to be a helpful member of the team. Doing things that would hinder the other Team Members from being able to access the DWS Servers is strictly forbidden and will not only lead to a Team Member being removed from The Team, but also to LEGAL action against said Team Member. The same applies to any Team Member that hinders the websites we create and maintain. Defacing of these sites is bounds to legal action, in pursuant and protection of DWS' customers.

We will list you on the DWS Team Page by name, with a link to your site if we approve you application and do well in our interview.

  • Important Notes

    Your website will be on shared hosting with all our other sites - the bandwidth is shared.
    Larger sites may become mirrored to reduce the bandwidth load and allow all sites equal access to their visitors.
    The DWS Team will place their Ad Code on every page of your site.
    Our shared hosting servers may also be ad supported.
  • DWS Team

    The DWS Team is a group of volunteer webmasters that offer their services to our users.
    Team members strive to offer the best service they can to our users.
    Anyone with website experience can volunteer and become a DWS Team Member.
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